Biotechnology Dual License

Attention: The guidelines for the students who will apply to the dual licence proggramme between Ankara University and Montana State University for this year

Ankara University Biotechnology (in English) (UOLP-ABD Montana State University)

Biotechnology dual licence programme was started education in 2011-2012 academic year. This is a fee charging programme (Biotechnology Dual Licence). It is coordinated by Prof. Dr. İrfan Kandemir. The common undergraduate programme conducted by Ankara and Montana State Universities takes 4 years; 1st and 3rd grades are in Ankara University and 2nd and 4th grades are in Montana State University. Ankara and Montana State Universities give a common diploma. Students take only one degree at graduation because the programme composed of single and integrated series of academic courses. Also, this academic education covers the diploma requirements of both of the universities, the graduates take two diplomas. There are 3 different options in the programme; Animal Biotechnology, Microbial Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology.

The Aims and Advantages of the Programme

Biotechnology is defined as all technologies in using to produce new and existing much products that are not being natural or not producing as our necessity, plant, animal and microorganism with DNA technologies with benefiting from cell and tissue biology culture, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry as natural sciences nearby engineering and computer engineering and can turn inventions of biotechnology and basic sciences to useful commercial products in a short time.

The applications of biotechnology incorporate different subjects as microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, protein engineering, enzymology and bioprocess technologies. Therefore, biotechnology is an interdisciplinary science field.   

The main purpose of Biotechnology programme is educate researcher, producer, and entrepreneur experts who has ethical values and equipped with basic knowledge in the field of biotechnology and has strong interdisciplinary communication and able to solve problems easily. Due to the program in a foreign language (English) and be conducted in a partnership with Montana State University, students who graduate from the programme will have very good knowledge of foreign language. By using foreign language skills, the students will have a chance to follow developments in the field of biotechnology. Furthermore, as a result of studying at Montana State University for two years, the students will have a chance to improve their ability about communicating in different societies. The current programme will contribute our country, which is in the process of EU accession, by providing highly qualified personnel in biotechnology research area.

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