Biotechnology is defined as using living organisms for the chemical processes that is  necessary for completion of industrial or commercial applications. In other words, biotechnology is conversion of a living organism or its cell or its product to goods and sevices. There are four research laboratories, namely Prokaryotic Genetics Laboratory, Biotechnology Research Laboratory, Microbial Genetics Laboratory and Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Biotechnology division.

Mission of Biotechnology Division: To provide qualified education and training by using  basic biological sciences such as microbiology, molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry for benefits of human and the environment. To teach and practice biology-based technologies in accordance with country priorities and needs in nature friendly manner is among the priorities of the unit. Furthermore, performing applied researches with high impact and developing new technologies are the other goals of department.

Vision of Biotechnology Division: To demonstrate the possibilities of biotechnology can be used effectively for finding alternative solutions to the today’s changing and growing basic needs.

Key words for Biotechnology Division: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Industrial Microbiology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Food Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology