In Hydrobiology Division, theoretical, practical and methodological researches and training on taxonomy, biology, ecology, phylogeny, biodiversity, conservation biology of aquatic organisms (plankton, benthic micro-and macro-invertebrates, fish) inhabited in marine, brackish, freshwater ecosystem; their interactions with the environment (aquatic toxicology and physico-chemical structure of water); management of lake, wetland and stream are given in Hydrobiology Section.

Mission of Hydrobiology Division: A better understanding of the water and aquatic life which is an essential part of human life to protect and to ensure the sustainability of the presentation of scientific studies on behalf of the Hydrobiology Division aims to contribute inland water and marine system research to science and society with all these directions.

Vision of Hydrobiology Division: It is to take advantage of opportunities offered by national and international research techniques and platforms as a unit of revealing the identity of the original and highly qualified scientific.

Keywords for Hydrobiology Division: Aquatic ecosystem, Aquatic organisms (Benthic, Plankton, Fish), Aquatic toxicology, lake, river, stream, wetland management.