Zoology division which had been functioned as a separate department before the 1982 became a subdivision within Biology since 1982. Zoology deals with variety of animal kingdom from cellular size to species, and it makes investigations on morphologic and molecular respects by considering the relationships between species and their evolutions. Within this scope, the division makes searching, planning, examining and producing   in the fields such as molecular cell biology, cell biochemistry, immunobiology, animal embryology, animal histology, histochemistry, toxicology, animal physiology, population genetics, animal ecology and wild life.

Mission of Zoology Division: is raising the scientists in universal and actual norms. In this content, its mission is to gain scientist the society whom can perceive variety of animal kingdom in sense of molecular, species and ecosystems respects, and can establishes the connections between cause and effect relationships, and is able to use the scientific knowledge in daily life.

Vision of Zoology Division: It is to rise scientists who can make researching about animals in universal norms and get the ability of planning and producing, and is to make them as individuals who can answer the requirements of the country and world of science.

Key words for Zoology Division: Cell Biology, Histochemistry, Toxicology, Population Genetics, Molecular Systematic, Biodiversity, Pest-vector ecology and Struggle, Ecosystem Management and Wildlife